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Our Dream Wedding

FOR UNDER $9,000
Moonan Cottage, Our Dream Wedding for under $9,000

How we created our dream wedding weekend in beautiful Moonan Brook at the base of Barrington Tops for under $9,000 ...

From the very beginning I always dreamt of a country setting and arriving by horse and cart for my day.

To be able to achieve this with my tight budget I did a lot of DIY with the help of family and friends.

How we did it

Venue - Styling - Accommodation

We started with our dream location - Moonan Cottage, it had everything we wanted and included 3 nights’ accommodation for for under $5,000.

That price included marquee set up, styled in a bespoke rustic country theme. The venue supplied all the styling florals, they also supplied all the crockery, cutlery and glassware and everything we needed for us to cater ourselves.

They also took care of the washing of the dishes and clean-up of the marquees the next day, it was these details that made all the difference on our day. I was so grateful that I didn’t have to organise this part of our day.


They also supplied the arbor and seating for the ceremony. As we had a tribe of cherubs my sister created a kids table, which was a big hit with the kids. As we were on a tight budget we charged our guests $30 per night to stay and camp, bringing the cost down to $2,200.

Moonan Cottage, Our Dream Wedding for under $9,000
Moonan Cottage, Our Dream Wedding for under $9,00080154548_9030879096888582828_n.jpg
Moonan Cottage, Our Dream Wedding for under $9,000


My dream dress was $800 and with Chris’s suit and the kids attire we spent $1,200 all up.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen paid for their own dresses, suits, makeup and hair.

Hair & Make-up

My hair and makeup was $220.

Wedding Bands

We found our perfect wedding bands for $200.


My Aunty created the most perfect bouquets - the flowers cost $200.


Being a once in a lifetime opportunity, with all of our nearest and dearest together, it was extremely important to us to capture the day perfectly and I can honestly say our photographer Chantel from Fields of Clover did the most amazing job – photography came to $2,300.

Moonan Cottage, Our Dream Wedding for under $9,000
Moonan Cottage, Our Dream Wedding for under $9,000

Horse &

With all the savings from DIYing most things I was able to get my dream horse and carriage for $900. This was one of the best parts of the day apart from becoming Mrs. Evans of course, it doubled as an added bonus in keeping the kids busy whilst we were having more photos taken.


Our Celebrant Lee Watts was absolutely amazing, we felt comfortable and relaxed and Lee tailored the whole ceremony around us, we enjoyed the whole process.


Lee's elopement package - $500.

Moonan Cottage, Our Dream Wedding for under $9,000


Family and friends catered for us - $500.

We started out with individual cheese plates and followed with cold meats, salads, bread rolls and hot boiled potatoes.

Moonan Cottage, Our Dream Wedding for under $9,000

Drinks & Music

We had wedding cake for dessert which was supplied by family. We supplied champagne for toasts, water and soft drinks and our guests supplied their own drinks - $500.

We downloaded our favourite music to play.

Moonan Cottage, Our Dream Wedding for under $9,000

Rundown on costs

Venue, Styling & Accommodation
(price after guests paid for their accommodation)
Bride's Dress, Groom's attire & kids
Hair & Makeup
Wedding Bands
Bridal Party Bouquets
Horse & Carriage

Total cost $8,720

Inspired and want to keep this info to refer back to?

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